Centurion Awards Ceremony Honors NYPD Cops

NYPD officers and their loved ones gathered at 1 Police Plaza for the Centurion Foundation’s quarterly awards ceremony. Twenty-seven members of the NYPD were honored for their outstanding service and dedication to the people of New York City. Police Commissioner James O’Neill presented the awards and spoke candidly about the excellent performance of duties by NYPD officers every day has led to historically low crime rates in NYC.

“I have been a cop for over 30 years and I understand the sacrifices of this job,” said Police Commissioner O’Neill. “But when you see all the good that we do as a Department, it’s all worth it.”

Those honored were selected by a nominations committee to receive awards for a diverse array of police efforts. Among those recognized were the lead investigators in the Chelsea bombing incident whose tireless work led to the arrest of the bombing suspect. Additionally, officers were honored for multiple gun seizures, reviving an unresponsive child, and successfully mitigating complex domestic violence cases.

Congratulations to the honorees and thank you for your continued contributions. It is the steadfast enthusiasm and devotion of NYPD cops like those honored on Monday that has helped to make NYC one of the safest big cities in the world.