Brooklyn Precincts Connect with Students Through Community Projects

Officers assigned to Brooklyn’s 79 and 90 Precincts are connecting to young people with the help of the NYC Together program. The NYC Together program provides an opportunity for students and NYPD officers to collaborate with each other on community projects. Together, participants and officers volunteer on beautification projects, prepare food for the hungry, organize and lead read-aloud sessions for local students, among other service projects. These civic engagement efforts foster leadership skills, strengthen community ties, and empower young leaders.

In addition, weekly discussion groups offer students the opportunity to explore topics such as intergenerational poverty, gun violence, the school-to-prison pipeline, and police-youth relations. During these discussions officers gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing today’s youth; information that serves them well when engaging with young people outside of the program. Students also learn about police work and the daily challenges officers face.