‘A Brand New Beat’: Inside NYPD’s Crime-Fighting Revolution (NY Daily News)

NYPD top cop James O’Neill’s Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) program lets cops focus on community ties to drive down crime: ‘It’s all about trust’

On a recent Tuesday afternoon in Washington Heights, a teenager left his Audubon Ave. stoop and walked up to a pair of detectives clad in their NYPD blue.
The young Latino, apparently the target of complaints from a neighbor, was desperate for answers.

“Why that old lady keep calling the cops on me?” he asked Detectives Thomas Troppmann and Edwin Rodriguez.

Rodriguez took the teen aside to calm him down. Troppmann had an idea what could be behind the calls.

“That building has kind of a felonious stoop,” he explained to a Daily News reporter who observed the brief encounter between the cops and the teen. “She’s probably complaining that he and his friends hang out there too much.”

The detectives didn’t write him a ticket, frisk him or throw him in cuffs. They just listened to what he had to say, and the teen walked back to the stoop…

“Now people are realizing, ‘We can talk to the cops.

They can relate to me.’”

Troppmann, 51, and Rodriguez, 30, are foot soldiers in Police Commissioner James O’Neill’s year-old neighborhood policing initiative.

…The looming question: Is it working? “The biggest measure, of course, we have to have is crime,” Police Commissioner O’Neill said. “We have to make sure that crime is going down.”

Citywide, felony crimes are down 3.8% compared with last year — including a nearly 5% dip in murders and an 8.5% drop in robberies.

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