Crime Decline Continues in New York City This Year, Compared with 2015

img_1572Safest October in the entire Compstat-Era, including 32% reduction in murder compared with October 2015

New York, New York—The overall reduction in crime continues for New York City this year. There were 2,967 fewer index crimes reported year-to-date, or -3.4%, compared with 2015. Additionally, there were 93 fewer shootings year-to-date, or -9.7%, and 17 fewer murders year-to-date, or -5.6%; compared with 2015.

The month of October 2016 eclipsed last October as the safest October in the history of the entire Compstat-era, with 860 fewer crimes reported, or -9.1%. Murder is down ten, or -32.2%; robbery is down 217 crimes, or -14.0%; felonious assault is down 65 crimes, or -3.8%; burglary is down 276 crimes, or -19.9%; grand larceny is down 226 crimes, or -5.7%; grand larceny auto is down 77 crimes, or -11.2%. Shootings are up 3 crimes, or +3.7%; and rape is up 11 crimes, or +9.7%.

“Building on the momentum we’ve achieved so far in 2016, it is gratifying to see the members of the NYPD reach new crime reduction milestones,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill. “With 3,000 fewer crimes this year compared with 2015, and 93 fewer shootings year-do-date, we are poised to remain the safest big city in the nation this holiday season. Through our continued expansion of the Neighborhood Policing Program and aggressive precision policing, I am also confident the stories of success by the men and women of the NYPD will continue to grow as well.”

“New Yorkers are taking an active role in the policing of their neighborhoods, working hand-in-hand with police to drive down crime while law enforcement more precisely targets their resources to stop violence before it occurs,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “It’s these innovative, community-based policing strategies that helped deliver the safest October in the CompStat era, maintaining New York City’s standing as the safest big city in the nation.”

The Transit Bureau is down 17 crimes for October 2016, or -7.4%, and the Housing Bureau is down 52 crimes for October 2016, or -11.1%; compared with 2015.

Note: All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis, revisions, or change.