10K Belt-Worn Trauma Kits Given To NYPD Cops


Police Commissioner O’Neill with NYPD Police Academy instructors (members of the Specialized Training Section) during today’s BLASTT training where the 10,000th Belt-worn Trauma Kit was distributed.

Police Commissioner O’Neill was issued the 10,000th Belt-worn Trauma Kit (BTK) during a training course at the NYPD Police Academy today in College Point, Queens.

“The Belt-worn Trauma Kit is another resource you now have available to assist you during a crisis situation that can help you save a person’s life,” Police Commissioner O’Neill said to officers in training.

NYPD Officers utilize the kit to provide assistance to a person with injuries that are life-threatening due to bleeding. BTK’s are an effective way of controlling life-threatening bleeding while awaiting the response of trained medical personnel or when transporting a person to a hospital emergency room.

The BTK’s are being distributed during the NYPD’s Basic Life Support and Trauma Treatment (BLASTT) course that is part of the in-service training patrol officers are receiving. In addition to learning how to use the BTK, The BLASTT training also includes training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), and how to administer Naloxone on a person that has overdosed on opioids.

During the training officers learn different techniques on how to provide aid and aftercare to injured people during a variety of situations such as mass casualty incidents, motor vehicle collisions, stabbings or slashings, and construction accidents.

The Belt-worn Trauma Kit includes:

  • Tactical Medical Solutions Sof-T Tourniquet
  • Quikclot Combat Gauze LE
  • Compression bandage
  • Nitrile gloves for personal protection (PPE)

The BLASTT training is being taught by members of the NYPD’s Specialized Training Section. In addition to patrol officers being trained, specialized units such the Emergency Service Unit has received the training. Additionally, BLASTT training is now being given to recruits as part of the curriculum while in the Police Academy. Since the July 2015 class, each recruit graduate has received the training and a BTK.