National Day Of Remembrance For Murder Victims

sep-25-rememberNine years ago the U.S. Congress designated September 25th as the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. Murder damages families and shocks communities, even people who never knew the victim. For those close to victims, murder often divides time into “before” and “after” with its irreversible finality.

We in the policing profession have a particular interest and obligation in regard to this observance. As police, we are acutely aware of every murder. The NYPD investigates them and strives to prevent them. Officers see the damage they do first hand. Most cases are solved quickly, some take years, and others remain unsolved. As police officers we are dedicate to making the entire city safer and preventing the next murder.

The NYPD is committed to solving every murder, including cold cases from the past. We are interested in any information or leads that can help us do that. If you have information about a murder, you can anonymously report a tip to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

We understand that losing someone to murder has life-long emotional consequences no matter how much time has passed. If you need assistance please call the Safe Horizon crime victims hotline at 866 689 HELP.