Reporting Responsibly On Suicide


The following report from the World Health Organization on reporting responsibly on suicide can assists the media when covering stories related to this topic. Law Enforcement Public Information Officers (PIO’s) and others will find this information useful as well.


  • Take the opportunity to educate the public about suicide
  • Avoid language which sensationalizes or normalizes suicide, or presents it as a solution to problems
  • Avoid prominent placement and undue repetition of stories about suicide
  • Avoid explicit description of the method used in a completed or attempted suicide
  • Avoid providing detailed information about the site of a completed or attempted suicide
  • Word headlines carefully
  • Exercise caution in using photographs or video footage
  • Take particular care in reporting celebrity suicides
  • Show due consideration for people bereaved by suicide
  • Provide information about where to seek help
  • Recognize that media professionals themselves may be affected by stories about suicide

Read the full report from the World Health Organization [HERE].