Violence Continues its Downward Trend in NYC

IMG_9486Nine fewer murders and 131 fewer shootings year-to-date, compared with 2015

New York, New York— The NYPD is proud to report an ongoing decrease in violent crime in New York City through the first seven months of 2016. There have been 9 fewer murders and 131 fewer shootings year-to-date, compared with 2015. There have also been 439 fewer robberies and 973 fewer burglaries year-to-date, compared with 2015.

Regarding overall crime in July 2016, New York City recorded the fewest index crimes of any July in the modern CompStat-era with 9,064 crimes. This is a 7% decrease compared with same period last year, or 680 fewer crimes. There were also 21 fewer shootings, or -17.9%; 151 fewer robberies, or -9.9%; 279 fewer burglaries, or -20.8%; and 73 fewer auto thefts, or -10%. Each of these drops are also all-time lows for the month of July in the modern CompStat-era. For the month of July there were also 264 fewer grand larcenies, or -6.6%; 2 more murders, or +6.5%; 3 more rapes, or +2.0%; and 76 more felony assaults, or +3.8%; compared with July 2015.

“We are witnessing the confluence of the peace dividend and precision policing in New York City,” said Police Commissioner William J. Bratton. “Shootings continue to fall precipitously, as do overall arrests. Our takedowns are undermining even the most obstinate criminal enterprises however, contributing to a double-digit rise in gun arrests. These results, coupled with the continued expansion of the NCO program, ensure the NYPD is at the forefront of a new policing model that fosters a city that is safe and fair, everywhere for everyone. I want to commend the men and women of the department for their ongoing dedication and excellence.”

“This month’s record low shootings are clear proof that NYPD’s precision policing is working,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “With 11,000 fewer New Yorkers arrested while crime continues to drop, NYPD has proven we can use precision policing to hone in on the few individuals responsible for the majority of crime in our city. Thanks to the hardworking women and men of the NYPD, New York City remains the safest big city in the nation. And we will continue to maintain this progress while strengthening the relationship between police and community. Once again, the NYPD has demonstrated we have the most sophisticated and talented police force in the country. I want to thank Commissioner Bratton, Chief of Department O’Neill and the entire NYPD team for their unwavering commitment to keeping our city safe.”

The Transit Bureau is down 34 crimes for July 2016, or -15.5%. The Housing Bureau is up 21 crimes, or 4.3%.

*Note: All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis, revisions, or change.