NYPD Social Media

imageOver the past seven months, the NYPD’s social media has reached nearly 150 million people.

That’s 150 million people who’ve seen the stories of the men and women of the NYPD. They see the things we do, day in and day out, to fight crime and terror, to work with the community, and to keep people safe.

Our Department Twitter accounts—NYPDnews, my account, all the precincts’—have increased their followers by 32% and made more than 21,000 tweets.

Those aren’t just pictures of guns recovered or kittens saved—those also include two-way communication between precinct commanders and citizens with concerns, or questions, or even praise.

And our smartphones allow us to communicate internally, as well—with the cops. We send internal messages and emails, and over the past seven months year we’ve created and pushed 114 videos to the phones. They include messages, training films, and stories about all the ways the NYPD seeks to make a city that is safe and fair, everywhere for everyone.