NYPD cop saves knife fight victim’s life

FullSizeRenderNYPD Officer Christopher O’Neil served two years as a Navy combat medic in Afghanistan and then experienced a sort of déjà vu Saturday night — on the streets of Fort Greene.

A 36-year-old victim of a knife fight was squirting blood from a severed artery in his upper left arm, and was probably minutes from death, when the newbie cop saw him wearily standing in the middle of Brooklyn’s Carlton Avenue.

“There was still blood squirting out of the wound,” O’Neil told The Post. “I ran back to my patrol car and grabbed the trauma kit from the trunk.”

Approximately 10,000 cops have been issued new trauma kits and been trained in how to use them since they were introduced to the July 2015 class of recruits. The kits contain tourniquets, a clotting agent, bandages and impermeable rubber gloves.

It was the tourniquet that O’Neil used to save the bleeding man’s life Saturday when officers pulled up to the scene at 10:30 p.m.

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