Neighborhood Coordination Officers In Brooklyn Connect With Seniors

“Being a Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) and having the opportunity to celebrate police community relations with our senior citizens was one of the best days I’ve had on this job. Seeing them all dressed-up, smiling and enjoying themselves made me appreciate the different aspects of police work that the NCO program has allowed me to do,” said Police Officer Phillip Romano.

The 77 Precinct Neighborhood Coordination officers held a event last week with approximately 45 seniors from local centers and churches attending. They were treated to light music, guest speakers and food prepared by the NCO’s and other members of the 77 Precinct. Guest speakers included a registered nurse who spoke about health related topics, a representative from the NYC Department of Aging and a member of the Van Siclen Coalition Against Family Violence. The precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer, Police Officer Jason Marsman also gave a presentation on ways to keep the attendees safe from crime.

The idea for the event came from Principle Administrative Associate Monique Carter, a civilian member of the department. Ms. Carter was raised by her grandmother and has always had a strong connection to the senior community. She presented the idea to the precinct commander Inspector Eddie Lott and the NCO supervisor Sergeant Anthony Bertram; they both loved the idea and took the steps necessary to make it happen.