NYPD Transit Cops Recover Illegal Handgun From Fare Beater


(L-R) Police Officer Jose Garcia and Police Officer Alex Almonte with the recovered illegal handgun.

Police Officers Alex Almonte, Jose Garcia and Lieutenant Edwin Reyes, all part of the Transit Bureau Anti-Terrorism Unit, were patrolling the 116 Street Station on the 4/5/6 Line when they observed a man manipulating the turnstile in order to enter the subway without paying the fare.

As the suspect entered the platform a northbound 6 Train entered the station. When the man boarded the train, the officers approached and instructed him to exit. The man did not comply with the officers’ verbal commands and was handcuffed on the subway platform. A Ruger-Prescot .380 handgun with six rounds in the magazine was subsequently recovered and the 26-year-old man was arrested.

Criminal Possession of a Weapon (Two Counts)
Theft of Service
Criminal Trespass
Disorderly Conduct