Neighborhood Policing: Sharing the Message with Queens Businesses


Sharing the Message with Queens Businesses

The cornerstone of the NYPD’s new precision policing, Neighborhood Policing gives cops:

1) consistent assignments that embed in specific neighborhoods;

2) time away from radio calls to focus on neighborhood conditions rather than symptoms; and

3) discretion to develop innovative solutions rather than automatically defaulting to enforcement.

Neighborhood Policing operationalizes community policing and allows cops to develop the relationships both they and the people they serve want. “We want to police with the community, not at the community,” said Assistant Chief Terrence Monahan, one of the architects of the program.

To make the program work, the NYPD created the new role of Neighborhood Coordination Officer, or NCO. Several NCOs and police executives, together with the New York City Police Foundation and the Queens Chamber of Commerce, met with business owners at the new Police Academy in College Point, Queens, to discuss the plan and explore how business owners and community members can help make it work. (The meeting built on a previous event in held in Brooklyn.)

“The people who encounter the program directly are converts to it,” said Assistant Commissioner Jon Murad, “but getting the story out wider requires you.”