Lowest June for Overall Index Crime in Modern Compstat-Era

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New York, New York2016 continues to follow a pattern of violence reduction in New York City. There have been eleven fewer murders and 110 fewer shootings year-to-date, compared with 2015. Overall crime in 2016 is flat compared with 2015, with 53 additional crimes or + 0.1%.

Regarding overall crime in June 2016, the city experienced a 1.4% decrease, or 121 fewer crimes compared with same period last year; making this the lowest June for overall recorded crime in the modern Compstat-era.

For the month of June 2016, New York City experienced 32 murders, six more compared with the same period as 2015. There were also 94 shootings in June 2016, fourteen fewer than the same period as 2015. This is the tenth month in a row in which New York City has recorded fewer than 100 shootings; a first in the history of the Compstat-era.

Also for the month of June 2016, rape is up 1 crime, or 0.8%; robbery is down 61 crimes, or 4.6%; felonious assault is up 55 crimes, or 3.1%; burglary is down 216 crimes, or 16.5%; grand larceny is up 75 crimes, or 2.1%; and grand larceny auto is up 19 crimes, or 3.3%.

“Our highly focused investigations have led to the arrest of nearly 500 violent gang members since January,” said Police Commissioner William J. Bratton. “Additionally, it is my expectation that this level of precision policing, coupled with further advancements in technology, will catapult New York City to even lower levels of crime. All of this is under way as we continue to steadily improve the community’s experiences with the police through our neighborhood-based policing model.”

“Every day the women and men of the NYPD work to protect our city’s communities—and today, it’s clear New Yorkers are safer than ever,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “The numbers we’re presenting today are phenomenal: in the first six months of this year, shootings are down 20% while gun arrests are up 20%. Under Commissioner Bratton we are using precision policing to tackle gun violence and take these dangerous weapons off our streets. I want to thank all the members of NYPD for their commitment to keeping our city’s neighborhoods safe, while working to deepen the relationship between police and community.”

The Transit Bureau is down 7 crimes for June 2016, or 3.6%. The Housing Bureau is up 6 crimes, or 1.3%.

New York City’s Historic Drop in Violence Continues Halfway Through 2016