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113 Pct-Sgt Mulhern Following Vehicle

“I just got into my car to head home and I received some information on my department smartphone, it was a wanted poster,” said Sergeant Mulhern.

Sergeant Mulhern was driving on the Belt Parkway in Queens on his way home from work last month when he observed a vehicle matching the description of a car being driven by a wanted suspect. Sergeant Mulhern who is assigned to the 69 Precinct in Brooklyn recognized the car from information he received earlier on his NYPD smartphone. The wanted poster was disseminated by the commanding officer of the 113 Precinct to make officers aware of a man who was wanted for assault on an officer.

“I’m really good at remembering license plates. It’s something I picked up as an officer on an anti-crime team. All of a sudden I noticed a piece of the plate number ahead of me. I noticed it was the make and model of the car in the poster and I saw front end damage to the vehicle and looked at the driver who had a distinctive tattoo on his neck. At that point I checked the rest of the plate and I knew that was the suspect in the poster.”

Sergeant Mulhern followed the grey Honda Civic and called to the 113 Precinct to provide details of the location of the car so the man could be taken into custody. Responding officers stopped the vehicle on the Belt Parkway at Brookville Boulevard and placed the 20-year-old man under arrest. The suspect was wanted for ramming a police vehicle and dragging a police officer several yards after fleeing a car stop in early June.

Charges: Assault on a Police Officer