Crime Down 40% In Brooklyn’s 60 Precinct

Untitled-1A top Brooklyn cop is employing an unusual tactic to help fight crime in his precinct — he pays house visits to the worst thugs in the area to warn them that he means business.

And the gutsy move appears to be helping to keep the baddies at bay: Crime has plummeted 40 percent in the precinct so far this year, more than anywhere else in the city.

“We focus enforcement on recidivists,’’ explained NYPD Deputy Inspector William Taylor, who took over the 60th Precinct, which includes Coney Island and Brighton Beach, in June 2015.

“If there is a robbery pattern, we know only a couple of people are going to be responsible for it,’’ Taylor said. “So when I came here, I made up a ‘Dirty 30’ list’’ of the worst-repeat offenders in the precinct.

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