Cops Jump Into Stormy Hudson River To Save Man


(L-R) Detective Martin Duffy, Police Officer Jason Ramirez, Sergeant Thomas Liso, and Detective Jason Curley

NYPD Emergency Service Unit officers jumped into the Hudson River during a heavy rain storm late Friday night to save a man stranded in the water. As the four officers arrived at 132 Street and Marginal Street in Upper Manhattan they saw the 24-year-old man about 60 feet from the pier in extreme distress.

Despite the stormy water and torrential rain, Detective Jason Curley removed his boots and swam to the man, who was now unconscious and drowning. Detective Curley was able to secure the man with a pylon while Police Officer Jason Ramierz and Sergeant Thomas Liso put their dry suits on and jumped into the water to help with the rescue.

As the three officers were in the water, Detective Martin Duffy retrieved a rope ladder so the officers could safely get themselves and the man out of the water. EMS responded the location and transported the man to Saint Luke’s Hospital where he is listed stable condition.