Becoming An NYPD Auxiliary Officer

imageThey patrol city streets and often times are on the front line of major crimes and now NYPD’s Auxiliary Police Force is searching for women and men to try out for the job.

Auxiliary police are unpaid volunteers. From the subways to the water, they serve and protect daily.

For example, the harbor unit helps with counter-terrorism, keeping the waters around the boroughs safe, while others patrol the streets. They’re taught not to engage but sometimes they find themselves right in the middle of the action, like Inspector Samuel Rosa who helped take down a repeat robbery suspect.

Auxiliary Deputy Inspector Leah Liu, now in her 70s, is retired but still wanted to give back to her city. She was among 68 auxiliary officers who responded on Sept. 11, helping shuttle children to safety at Ground Zero.

“I’m useful and it makes me feel good,” Liu said of her position.

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Auxiliary officers in the NYPD Harbor Unit.


Chief of Department James O’Neill and Inspector Phylis Byrne, commanding officer of the Auxiliary Section, congratulate a new auxiliary officer at graduation.