NY Post: Texas police chief takes down Midtown thief


Sunset Valley Police Department Police Chief Sean Ford (left), here with a member of the NYPD, took down a Midtown thief on Sunday. Photo: Sean Ford/NY Post.

(By Tina Moore and Sophia Rosenbaum/NYPost.com)–  An off-duty Texas police chief got a taste of fighting crime in the Big Apple – apprehending a violent thief who interrupted his Fifth Avenue shopping excursion.

Sean Ford, chief of the Sunset Valley Police Department in Austin, Texas, had just come out of Gucci’s flagship store around 3 p.m. Friday when he saw two men scuffling in the street.

… The responding officers, including one of the sergeants from the precinct, all made sure to thank Ford for his spur-of-the-moment action – even sending out a tweet that gave him credit for nabbing Mercardo.

“It was typical NYPD, what we think about them from all over the country,” an appreciative Ford said. “They really treated us well.”

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