Investigation Of Suspicious Vehicle In Times Square


On Saturday, April 2, 2016 at approximately 7:50 p.m., members of the NYPD’s Critical Response Command were patrolling the Times Square area when they observed a suspicious vehicle parked on West 46 Street, in front of the entrance to the Marriott Hotel. As the officers approached the vehicle, which was parked in a bus stop, they noticed that the truck listed a Brooklyn address on its side but was licensed in Georgia. When the officers looked into the cabin portion of the truck, they observed wires extending out from the dash board towards the rear of the truck and gas canisters behind the seat. They immediately requested the response of the Emergency Services Unit (ESU) and the Bomb Squad. With the assistance of the Times Square Unit, Mounted Unit, the Strategic Response Group and other patrol personnel, the surrounding area was evacuated of all pedestrians and occupied vehicles pending the investigation. Upon further inspection by the Bomb Squad and the ESU, the truck and gas canisters were determined to be empty. Shortly thereafter, the driver of the vehicle was located. The truck has been deemed safe and the investigation is ongoing.