CompStat Keeping NYC Safe – An Inside Look

NBC 4 got an unprecedented look at CompStat, a crime-fighting innovation that helped make New York City into America’s safest big city. It requires police officers to not just question suspects, but each other.

CompStat, a statistical system for tracking crime, was introduced by Commissioner Bill Bratton and his deputy, Jack Maple in 1994, during Bratton’s first stint as head of the NYPD. Twenty-two years later, Bratton is once again the city’s top cop, CompStat is still in use, and crime has fallen 75 percent. New York had 1,946 murders in 1993, or more than a five a day. It had 352 in 2015.

NBC New York’s part one of two [HERE].


NYPD CompStat meeting taking place in 1 Police Plaza.


Inspector Fausto Pichard, commanding officer of the 43 Precinct, being question by NYPD leadership at weekly CompStat meeting.


Heading CompStat, Police Commissioner Bratton, Chief of Department and Deputy Commissioner of Operations Dermot Shea