AMNY: Youngest of three generations of NYPD officers graduates


(AMNY)- As a kid, Marina Andrade would try on her father’s NYPD cap and pretend to ride on an NYPD motorcycle.
On Friday, Andrade will graduate from the academy, wearing the shield her dad wore and her grandfather before him.
“This is really cool for three generations to be able to share this tomorrow,” said Andrade, 22, of Smithtown. “I’m really proud. I’m not just putting a number on my chest that was issued to me, this is third-generation. I can’t stop smiling.”
Andrade’s grandfather, James Andrade Sr., flew up from Florida to watch her get sworn in.
Andrade Sr. started as an officer in 1957. He retired as a sergeant in 1976. And he was more excited for Marina to become an officer than he was when his son did.

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