Fewest Murders and Shootings Year-To-Date In The CompStat Era

IMG_3362Violence continues to move lower, building on previous historic lows

Fewest murders and shootings year-to-date in the CompStat era

New York, New York— 2016 continues to follow a pattern of violence reduction in New York City. There have been 39 murders and 116 shootings year-to-date, both of which are the lowest recorded numbers in the CompStat era.

Regarding overall crime in February 2016, the city experienced an increase of 2.9% compared with same period last year.

For the month of February 2016, New York City experienced 17 murders. This is one less compared with the same period as 2015, and the second lowest number of murders for February in recorded history. There were 57 shootings for the month of February 2016. This is two less compared with the same period as 2015, and the third lowest number of shootings for the month of February in recorded history.

Also for the month of February 2016, rape is up 21 crimes, or 26.2%; robbery is up 22 crimes, or 2.1%; felonious assault is up 95 crimes, or 7.7%; burglary is down 70 crimes, or 6.9%; grand larceny is up 140 crimes, or 4.8%; and grand larceny auto is down 13 crimes, or 2.9%.

“Fluctuations in crime are inevitable,” said Police Commissioner William Bratton. “So is the relentless effort put forth by the men and women of this Department to adjust our tactics and deployment accordingly. We will continue to drive crime lower, while also bringing our community partners together. Coupled with the incredible advancements in technology taking place within the NYPD, I am confident the NYPD will provide the kind of safety and fairness New Yorkers have come to expect from the greatest police department in the nation.”

“New York City has the greatest police force in the world, and our hardworking police officers are continuing to keep this city the safest big city in the country,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Ensuring our officers have the most advanced technology and training is a top priority for this administration—and we’re proud to continue improving the resources we provide these brave women and men. I want to thank Commissioner Bratton and the entire police force for their extraordinary success in protecting our streets and our neighborhoods each day.”

The Transit Bureau is up one crime for February 2016, or 0.6%. The Housing Bureau is up 41 crimes, or 13.6%.

Note: These crime statistics do not include Leap Day, February 29, 2016. Statistics for this day are available at DCPI. All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis, revisions, or change.