Appreciating Our NYPD Community Partners


The NYPD’s community partners gathered today in Police Headquarters so that members of the Department could thank them for their collaboration and work strengthening the bond between the NYPD and the communities they serve. The Community Partners Program was developed in an effort to provide cops and community members with an opportunity to connect and share their perspectives and common goals. Through honest, straightforward conversation, officers and community partners work together to determine the best way to serve their communities.  The program allows both groups to appreciate each other’s ability to bring about long-term, positive change for community members.

Tonight’s event is the first of two receptions that will be held at 1 Police Plaza. Speakers during the event included Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker, Chief of Department James O’Neill and Assistant Chief Kim Royster. Bervin Harris, CEO of Renaissance Youth Center, was honored for his work as a community partner, with an award sponsored by the NYC Police Foundation. Mr. Bervin’s group specializes in mentoring, tutoring, and music classes for youth. The group has worked closely with the 42 Precinct in the Bronx and with its Music With A Message band who have performed in Carnegie Hall.


First Deputy Commissioner Ben Tucker presents Bervin Harris, CEO of Renaissance Youth Center, an award for his work as a community partner.

“Thank you for all of the work you do in your community and the work you do with your local NYPD precinct,” said Police Commissioner Bratton. “You’re our ambassadors, messengers, trainers, and partners. You help us to facilitate a two-way conversation between the police and the public we serve.”


Cops and kids from the Renaissance Youth Center on stage at Police Headquarters.