Young Girl Hovers Into The Hearts Of Cops In Washington Heights



Twelve-year-old Yasmeli hugs Detective Spennicchia after receiving her new Christmas gift.

Cops assigned to 33 Precinct in Washington Heights gave a 12-year-old girl a brand new iPad Thursday after finding out her hover board was stolen from her the day after Christmas.

The gift was the idea of Detective Anthony Spennicchia who met 12-year-old Yasmeli after he began investigating the robbery she was a victim of.  On the evening after Christmas, Yasmeli and her cousin were approached by two suspects near a local Starbucks who robbed Yasmeli of her hover board that she was carrying.

After meeting Yasmeli and her mom, Yaneli, Detective Spennicchia knew what he had to do. He started a collection at the precinct for a new Christmas gift – cops were of course more than generous – and he was also able to arrest the two suspects. It’s what we do.

“She’s a nice sweet girl, and I have a 15-year-old daughter, so she struck a chord with me,” Detective Spennicchia said. “It was the day after Christmas and she stood on the street crying. No child should be the victim of a crime.”

Detective Spennicchia  and Yasmeli hit it off right away as Yasmeli is interested in police work and hopes to be a detective one day. Yasmeli did not leave the precinct before getting a round of applause from the officers who serve her community.

Ipad Girl and 33 Pct