Welcome Home Soldiers!



PC with Soldiers 2016 Cropped

On Thursday, February 25, at 1:00 p.m., Police Commissioner William Bratton welcomed home 24 members of the NYPD who were serving in the military in various overseas deployments. The members were stationed at locations around the world, ranging from Iraq and Afghanistan to Africa and Cuba. The ceremony, which took place at One Police Plaza, is the second time that the Police Department had an event to specifically recognize its returning members of the service.

“I would like to welcome you back. This is one in a series of events to honor our returning members,” said Police Commissioner Bratton.

Along with Police Commissioner Bratton, who is an Army veteran, Chief of Department James O’Neill, Deputy Commissioner of Internal Affairs Joseph Reznick, a Navy veteran, Deputy Commissioner of Administration Cathy Perez, and other members of the NYPD leadership team were in attendance. Members of American Legion Post 460 also attended to show their support. ¬†Police Commissioner Bratton presented each of the returning soldiers with a challenge coin designed with logos of all the military branches and the NYPD logo.

“It’s definitely hard on the family, but we had a mission to accomplish.” said Police Officer Gerardo Caballero, a sergeant in the Marine Corps.

The returning members of the service by military branch:

  • 13 Army
  • 6 Air Force
  • 2 Marine Corps
  • 2 Navy
  • 1 Coast Guard

The NYPD currently has 116 uniformed members of the service and civilian members of the service deployed overseas.