NYPD Announces Organizational Changes

Chief of Organized Crime Control Thomas Purtell appointed to new position of Citywide Operations Chief; OCCB investigative resources to be consolidated under Chief of Detectives

New York, New York—The New York City Police Department announced today a restructuring of command staff personnel, which will impact the Organized Crime Control Bureau (OCCB), Detective Bureau and Patrol Services Bureau. The NYPD will create a new Citywide Operations Chief led by Thomas Purtell, while all investigative resources formally assigned to OCCB will be re-assigned to the Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

This consolidation of investigative resources will improve the coordination of investigations, ensuring subjects and patterns are identified more quickly. It will also allow the Chief of Detectives to deploy any investigative resource within the department as needed.

“This reorganization puts the department’s specialized units under one Chief to ensure a well-coordinated response to major events—both planned and unplanned,” said NYPD Commissioner William J. Bratton. “It also enables the department to consolidate our investigative resources so we can continue to push crime down.”

“While crime is at its lowest levels ever in most categories, one way to drive it further down,” said Chief of Department James O’Neill, “is to harmonize these enforcement efforts in the Borough commands so that they are seamless”

The Citywide Operations Chief will be responsible for the Special Operations Division, which includes the Emergency Service Unit and the Aviation, Harbor and Mounted Units. The Citywide Operations Chief will also be responsible for the Crisis Outreach and Support Unit and the Strategic Response Group. The new structure will enhance the department’s coordinated response to major events and incidents that require specially-trained and specially-equipped personnel.

The Chief of Detectives, Robert Boyce, will now be responsible for all of the Department’s investigative resources (with the exception of the Intelligence Bureau and Internal Affairs Bureau). Each of the eight Patrol Boroughs will have a Detective Chief, who will report directly to the Chief of Detectives and will be responsible for the Patrol Borough’s Precinct Detective Squads, Homicide Squad, Night Watch, Narcotics, Vice Module and Gang Squad. A Detective Chief who will work hand in hand with the uniformed Borough Chief to ensure that the work of Precinct Detective Squads, Narcotics, Gang and Vice resources are being closely coordinated to address crime in the borough.