Cops in Queens Rescue a “Kid” On Merrick Boulevard

Goat on Farm

In Jamaica, Queens, a 103 Precinct Anti-Crime radio car, usually involved in taking guns of the streets of New York City, was flagged down by a passerby and confronted with a totally different problem. The motorist had stopped after almost striking a baby goat at the intersection of 180 street and Merrick Boulevard at around 6:00 pm on Wednesday January 20. Luckily, the entire Anti-Crime team were animal lovers and one member, Police Officer Gasperetti, was the 103 Precinct’s ASPCA Liaison. Officer Gasperetti had recently been honored by the ASPCA for his outstanding work with animals.

Sergeant Humburg and Officer Fernandez assisted Officer Gasperetti who was able to gain control of the animal and bring it to safety. The officers were unsure where the goat came from, so they went to the closest market that had live goats and inquired if there was one missing. The team pooled their money and purchased their new friend so the newly named “Merrick” could be brought to an animal sanctuary and petting zoo in Suffolk County.

Anti-Crime Goat