NYPD Fact Sheet On Ray Kelly’s Comments

The statements made by Raymond Kelly are unsupported by fact and the conclusions drawn are misleading to the public.

1. As of December 28, New York City has seen an increase of 15 Homicides. Of that, homicides by gunfire are up by 22 percent as of today which is a raw number of 40, however, homicides by stabbing are down by 40 percent for a raw number of 33. These are the normal ebbs and flows of crime trends in what is a period of historically low numbers. This is achieved at a time when other major American cities are seeing surges in violent crime. New York City is not.

2. There has been no change in the way shooting incidents are calculated. Graze wounds (that draw any blood) are counted as shooting victims just as they always have been.

3. A victim who sustains wounds by flying glass caused by gunfire is not recorded as a shooting incident. It has never been counted as one. The injury must be from the bullet. That is the same policy that existed under Mr. Kelly.

4. Self-inflicted gunshot wounds: About one-third of gunshot victims refuse to cooperate with police. The reasons can range from fear of reprisal to concealing their own criminal activity. This is nothing new. Not cooperating with police does not equate to a determination that a wound is self-inflicted and it never has. Only when additional evidence is developed in a shooting investigation such as witness statements, video, Shotspotter, physical evidence, would the shooting incident be deemed self-inflicted. In one such incident on Christmas Day, in Brooklyn’s 71st Pct., detectives investigated a shooting with an uncooperative victim. A subsequent investigation revealed security camera video of the victim shooting himself accidentally. Up until that moment, the case was carried on the books as a shooting incident.

5. No change in how we record shooting numbers: NYPD crime reporting manuals on the Department’s Intranet dating back to at least April of 2012 detail what does NOT count as a shooting, listed are the following:

· Police –involved shooting (if justified)
· Self-inflicted
· Justified (eg: a licensed gun owner shoots an armed robber)
· Pending justification
· Graze wound-no blood

Nothing in the manual has changed although shootings are down to near record lows this year.