Can I Give You A Hug?


NYPD Police Officer Christian Campoverde saved a distraught man who attempted to jump from a balcony at the Queens Center mall last week. Officer Campoverde was off-duty and shopping with his family when he heard the man mumbling that he wanted to kill himself as he pushed his way up the escalator.  Knowing that something was not right, Officer Campoverde began to follow the man, but did not catch up to him until he had one leg over the balcony railing.

As Officer Campoverde reached the balcony area he immediately grabbed the man’s waistband and began to speak with him about why he wanted to end his life. As the two connected, Officer Campoverde said “Is it OK if I give you a hug, do you want a hug?” As the man replied yes, Officer Campoverde was able to bring him to safety where he was taken by EMS for evaluation.

“I just saw somebody who needed help,” said Officer Campoverde, who just completed the NYPD’s Crisis Intervention Team training the week prior.