Thankful For Two NYPD Detectives

Nelli and Eva Makrich were enjoying a day of sightseeing with their parents along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, when a homeless man provoked a confrontation with their father, Michael. The man suddenly produced a knife and began stabbing Michael. It was then that two NYPD detectives in Los Angeles on official business interceded. Detectives Albert Ramos and Daniel Mulligan immediately identified themselves as police officers and ordered the man to the ground. They quickly subdued him and ended the attack. A few days later, the Makrich family paid a visit to a local LAPD precinct, where they thanked officers who responded to the ordeal. They also delivered hand-written thank you notes for Detectives Ramos and Mulligan, which were then forwarded to the NYPD. “…You saved my Dad…I am very grateful to you,” said Nelli in her hand-written note. Her sister, Eva, added, “Thanks to you, he is alive.”