Securing New York City

Although there is no known threat to New York City, out of an abundance of caution, as part of an enhanced counterterrorism overlay the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau has deployed police resources throughout the city following the attacks in Paris.

NYPD Intelligence Bureau Detectives in France are conducting liaison activities to assist the Paris Police in any way possible, while keeping the NYPD updated on the on-going situation.

On Sunday, Police Commissioner Bratton gave and update to New Yorkers on ABC 7.

“In the two years that I have been commissioner they have changed dramatically, in the sense of just watching the growth of ISIS and they came into existence almost coincidental of Mayor de Blasio being elected and my being appointed. We’ve always been concerned going back to Mumbai of the multiple event issue such as just occurred in Paris, so we have been ramping up our abilities to respond to multiple events at the same time. We have the new almost 500 officer counterterrorism command, we have an 800 officer strategic response group, and we’ve always had our 700 officers in ESU, we have about 2,000 officers with about 400 on duty at any given time who are all equipped to deal with the events you just saw in Paris, but that’s response. Just as essential is the offense. The offense in our case is intelligence, the gathering of intelligence, nobody does it better than the NYPD and our partnership with the FBI. As a matter of fact, this week we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Joint Terrorism Taskforce, the largest and most effective in our country here in New York. So it’s an offense, get the information, get them before they get us, we’ve been very successful with that. We’ve thwarted 20 attacks against this city since 9/11, but they are coming at us much more frequently. But at the same time, we have to be prepared to defend for when an attack occurs and one will attack, maybe not in New York maybe elsewhere, but it will happen here and in this case we are going to learn from this event that you don’t stand outside just waiting as police, you have to get in, you can’t give them more time to kill innocents. You have to get in there as quickly as you can, but now we are up against this concept of people equipped with suicide vests. So we are going to have to train to that. How do we train our personnel when they are taking on somebody with a suicide vest,” Bratton said.

NYPD Emergency Service Officers in Times Square

NYPD Emergency Service Officers in Times Square