NYPD Transit Cops Save Five From Burning House


Transit Police Officers Gurley and Fienga rushed into a burning house in Brooklyn early Monday morning and saved the five residents who were trapped inside. The two officers were patrolling on St. James Place when they saw a large amount of smoke in the street. Upon seeing the smoke coming from a home they immediately called for the response of FDNY,  grabbed fire extinguishers from their vehicle and began to bang on the door of the residence to alert those inside.

Not receiving any response from their banging, the officers forced the door open and observed the room engulfed in flames. Officers Gurley and Fienga used the fire extinguishers to continue fighting the fire and searching for residents. The duo made their way through the home and safely evacuated five people. Members of FDNY continued to put the fire out and treat residents for smoke inhalation.