Cops & Kids Cleaning Up The Community


The 111 Precinct was out in force with teenagers in its Law Enforcement Explorer program cleaning up graffiti in northeast Queens before snow starts falling.

Officers drove Law Enforcement Explorers to a green construction barrier on the Horace Harding Expressway service road near 185th Street in Fresh Meadows last Friday, they recently made an arrest for graffiti.

The Explorers who were painting over the graffiti said it was not as much of a chore as most people would expect—they enjoy it.

The Law Enforcement Explorer program, run by the individual precincts within the NYPD and available citywide, shows young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20 some of the inner workings of the nation’s largest police force and gives them some community service hours for projects like graffiti removal.

“I started going and I immediately fell in love with being involved in the community,” 14-year-old Explorer, Naomi Pena said. “I have made friends here with kids my own age. Also, these are the people in our community who protect us—and we get to learn how they really work.”

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