College Students Learn How The NYPD Transit Canine Unit Keeps City Safe


A group of seniors from the Long Island University Brooklyn campus had a special opportunity on Monday, November 9th to find out about the NYPD’s Transit Canine Unit. This was the third time that Professor Sara Chiara Haden, PhD had invited Lieutenant Pappas to speak to students in her social science course entitled Human-Animal Interaction. “The students love his presentation and always have great things to say about it, said Professor Haden. “I am so thankful that he does this. He has educated them in a number of ways.”

Some of the ways that Lt. Pappas used his presentation to educate students was to explain to them about the four canine units within the NYPD (Bomb Squad, Emergency Service Unit, Narcotics and Transit), the functions and capabilities of each one, and how his unit selects and trains their canines. In addition, he discussed the importance of the NYPD knowing terrorist methods, which allows them to tailor their canines’ training and equipment to be one step ahead of our adversaries. “I wanted the students to understand the very real threats that we face, directly from the terrorist publications, using the terrorist’s own words,” said Lt. Pappas.

Another important part of Lt. Pappas’ presentation was that he wanted to impress upon students that there are various career options within the NYPD that they could consider. The Department has over 52,000 positions in just about every major specialty and professional skill. There are lawyers, accountants, teachers, doctors, priests, and many more specialists, both civilian and uniformed, within the agency.

“I wanted to connect with students on a personal and professional level. I wanted them to know that I could relate to them because I’m the son of immigrant parents, and the first in my family to attend college,” said Lt. Pappas. “I emphasized that I took this job to be in service to people in the city to help keep them safe.”