“It’s Family” – Officers From Across the Nation Honor a Hero


Photo by Bruce Adler

The 113 Precinct in South Jamaica, Queens has become the hosting command for members of law enforcement attending funeral services for NYPD officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. Since John F. Kennedy Airport is located in the confines of the 113 Precinct, the command has taken on the responsibility of assisting police departments all over the country and the world. This began with the funeral services for Police Officers WenJian Liu and Rafael Ramos who were killed in December, 2014. JetBlue Airlines offered free flights to police officers who wanted to attend this funeral. The response was so considerable that the 113 Precinct began a concerted effort to organize and assist the visiting officers.

Since then, the 113 Precinct Community Affairs officers have provided information via social media to any police departments that are interested in sending their representatives. Members of the command have picked up visiting officers from the airport and transported them to their hotels and later to the funeral arrangements. Resorts Casino recently donated two of their buses to the precinct to drive visiting officers to and from Police Officer Holder’s funeral that took place on Wednesday October 29, 2015.

Local restaurants and some of the NYPD’s police unions provided a catered breakfast before the service and a dinner afterward. Members of the local community and the 113 Precinct Community Council donated their time to serve the meals. Police Officer Gregory Cruz of Trujillo Alto, Police Department in Puerto Rico said, “I was also here for Officer Moore. I feel like this is my family and I had to come down to support.” His brother also named Gregory Cruz added, “All officers, no matter where they are from are my brothers and sisters.”

Some of the police departments that the 113 Precinct assisted included:

  • Denver, Colorado
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Davis County, Utah
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Sanford, Florida

113 Pct PO Holder Dinner

Photos by Bruce Adler

Photos by Bruce Adler