NYPD Transit Canine Unit Has A New Supervisor

IMG_7120The NYPD Transit Bureau Canine Unit has a new supervisor, and she’s packs quite a bite. “Shaunie” is among the latest group of German Shepherds to graduate K9 School and join the ranks of this vaunted unit. Named after fallen NYPD hero Police Officer Shaun Mahoney, who succumbed to 9/11-related illness in December 2014, Shaunie holds several high proficiency certifications from New York State, the Department of Defense, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the United States Army. She is also the only K9 in the entire Department to wear a sergeant’s shield. No, there isn’t a promotional test for K9’s. Rather, her rank is derived from her handler, Sergeant Randy Brenner, who is the first supervisor in the Department to step into the role of handler.

Sergeant Brenner, a twenty-year veteran, is no stranger to the Transit Bureau K9 Unit, having been assigned there since its inception back in 2006. After a stint as the unit’s patrol supervisor, Sgt. Brenner went on to become closely involved in all aspects of the unit’s training; eventually becoming its principal coordinator. His extensive experience makes him uniquely suited to be a handler, and with Shaunie by his side, this dynamic team will not only make history, they will also serve the City of New York well.IMG_7121