Police Commissioner’s Papal Visit Message To the Members of the NYPD

To the Men and Women of the NYPD:

Later today, Pope Francis arrives in our city. You should take pride in all you’ve done to ensure that this visit will be a safe one, for the Pope, for the more than 170 world leaders attending the 70th United Nations General Assembly, and for the hundreds of thousands of people who will seek to see the Pope while he is here.

Members of the Department have engaged in comprehensive planning, tremendous amounts of logistical work, and unprecedented collaboration with federal, state, and local partners. Together, we have an opportunity to show how and why New York City is the capital of the world. As you work details, move barriers, control traffic, and manage crowds, remember your mission and your purpose: you prevent crime and disorder, and you keep people safe. The city trusts in you, and so do I.

Be safe,

William J. Bratton
Police Commissioner