Another Burglar off the Street


Earlier this month, a burglary took place in the basement of a building in the Inwood section of Manhattan. The suspect removed a Dewalt drill worth approximately $200.00, and a circular saw worth approximately $120.00.  Because Police Officers Vanwieren and Bartalsky patrol the area on a regular basis as a part of the NYPD Neighborhood Policing Plan, they quickly responded to the crime scene. Upon arrival, the officers took a report, viewed the surveillance video and interviewed witnesses.  Based on a tip that the perpetrator lived on the same block where the incident occurred, and a picture from the surveillance video, officers were able to arrest the suspect within 15 minutes. This type of good, swift police work has contributed to a 15 percent decrease in burglaries in Inwood.

The 19-year-old male suspect was charged with burglary.