On Thursday, August 27, at 3:30 a.m. Police Officers Edward Wiesenburger and Kaitlin Smith, both members of the NYPD Homeless Outreach Unit, stopped five men for being in Hudson River Park past the 1 a.m. curfew. After stopping the men, the police officers quickly determined they were not homeless. During the interaction, two of the five men were arrested because they were unable to produce ID

While the men were being placed under arrest, one of them was found to be in possession of three shotgun shells. This prompted a further search of the immediate area where the officers found a sawed-off 410 gauge shotgun hidden in a nearby bush.

After the officers discovered the hidden shotgun, the remaining three males, who were about to be released with a warning, fled on foot. At this time the 10th Precinct Anti-Crime team arrived and assisted with apprehending the fleeing men.

All five men were charged with possession of a shot gun. In addition, two of the five are believed to be Trinitario gang members and another was wanted for burglary in the 105th Precinct. The Gang Unit, 10th Precinct, and the Organized Crime Control Bureau are assisting with the continued investigation.