NYPD Housing Cops in the South Bronx Making New Friends and Keeping Them Safe Too


Police Officers Yukhananov and DieuJuste of Police Service Area 7.

Police Service Area 7 Police Officers Yukhananov and DieuJuste were at the Forest Houses Community Center last week preparing to teach community members how to perform CPR when they jumped into action and arrested a man for robbery. Police Officer DieuJuste went outside to retrieve equipment from his police vehicle when he was flagged down by a livery cab driver who indicated that his passenger, a 20-year-old woman, had assaulted him and menaced him with pepper spray.

The driver explained that the passenger attempted to not pay the fare and took the his cell phone as he tried to call the police. The suspect fled, but was arrested by Police Officer DieuJuste after a brief foot pursuit. The woman was charged with Robbery, Grand Larceny, Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and Theft of Service. Police Officer Yukhananov finished the CPR and first-aid class on his own while Police Officer DieuJuste returned to the station house with the woman.

Just a short time later that day Police Officers Dicerbo and Barsamian could be found at the Forest Houses Community Center as well.  The two officers were there connecting with some of the community’s youth as part of “Cornerstone” in Police Service Area 7.  The “Cornerstone” program, a city funded initiative designed to help young people acquire the skills they need to graduate from high school, succeed in their chosen career, and give back to the community, encourages positive police-community relations. The kids also get to know their local beat cop, sometimes even winning a friendly video game played on Playstation.


Police Officers Dicerbo and Barsamian connecting with kids in the South Bronx.