NYPD Reengineering


New York, New York—Commissioner William J. Bratton recognized and thanked the individuals who participated in REENGINEERING 2014 during a ceremony today at One Police Plaza.

“I intentionally set the bar high because I felt that there were facets of the NYPD upon which we could improve. I also knew that I would be working with highly-competent professionals and that you would be up to the challenge of making the best police department in the world even better. My faith in your abilities was not misplaced. You have far exceeded my expectations, and as a testament to your hard work, the NYPD continues to be the benchmark in American policing,” said Commissioner Bratton.

The project was designed to give all members of the Department a voice and to ultimately create a culture of challenging the status quo, innovation, decentralization and collaboration.

The project, which began in January of 2014, identified areas of concern for the Department and proposed solutions through focus groups, surveys and interviews. More than 1,200 individuals were assigned to 94 teams consisting of 987 uniformed members of the service, 169 civilian members of the service and 75 external partners. As a result of REENGINEERING 2014, eighty-one percent of the 1,373 recommendations were approved for implementation or further review.

“I am pleased to confidently begin another chapter in the illustrious history of our great organization. We have laid the blue prints and foundation. Now it is time to execute our strategies and bring our intricate designs to fruition,” said Police Commissioner Bratton.

As the recommendations are implemented, it will create a better Department and result in a safer, fairer New York City everywhere, for everyone.