(From the PAL website) Established in 1914, the summer PLAYSTREETS program has been closing off streets and other public areas throughout New York City to give children safe, supervised and fun-filled places to play and learn. 

PLAYSTREETS offer prevention education, sports and games and cultural arts activities. Youth are offered a weekly prevention and life skills program and are also introduced to the many local resources available to them through a community connections component. Youth will learn how to identify their local NYPD precinct as well as their local elected officials, to foster stronger working relations and finally the summer play street experience culminates with a borough day celebration.

For a complete list of PLAYSTREETS Sites please click the following link:http://bit.ly/1JK08wK


The goal of PAL’s PLAYSTREETS is to enrich the summer experience for New York City youth with outdoor, adult-supervised recreational, educational and developmental activities in their communities during the summer months.
This year, PAL has redesigned PLAYSTREETS into a measurable, goal-oriented program with set objectives and performance targets. In addition, we have enhanced activities with a crime prevention curriculum developed by the National Crime Prevention Council.


OBJECTIVE: To reduce risk-taking behaviors among youth and foster life skills.
ACTIVITIES: Negative youth behavior prevention lessons are interwoven into PLAYSTREETS activities. These include crime and drug prevention, conflict resolution, and child abuse and gang awareness. Life skills lessons such as health, safety and wellness are incorporated as well. Based on a curriculum designed by the National Crime Prevention Council, each Play Streets site will identify a Prevention or Life Skills topic of the week, and lessons regarding a different aspect of the topic will be delivered through the “Message of the Day.” Staff members will be trained to deliver the lessons effectively through daily recreational, arts and community connections programming.


OBJECTIVE: To actively engage youth in group/team recreational activities that increase physical activity and foster sportsmanship and positive peer and adult relationships.
ACTIVITIES: High-organizational games and activities such as stick ball, volleyball, basketball, skelly, dance and double-dutch will be organized for older youth. Low-organizational games such as jump rope, hopscotch and relay races will be organized daily for younger children. Board games such as Checkers, Nok Hokey, Monopoly, Carom, Connect Four, Mancala and Chess will give youth the opportunity to socialize and engage in one on one interaction with their peers or with adult mentors. Children will also have opportunities for open play, and to prepare for and take part in weekly street games tournaments.

Component # 3: ARTS AND CULTURE

OBJECTIVE: To stimulate learning, foster creativity and facilitate an appreciation for cultural diversity.
ACTIVITIES: Each year, PAL’s Department of Education & the Arts designs a thematic curriculum that centers on a specific culture and/or historical subject. The theme for this summer is the “A Century of Fun.”  Each Play Street will be assigned an specific Era and throughout the summer children work together on costumes, art displays, skits, and other performances representing their assigned Era as it relates to the Theme.
At the end of the summer, participants from sites throughout the borough will gather to display their work at a culminating PAL PLAYSTREET Borough Day which is a showcase of banners, crafts and dance performances.


OBJECTIVE: To embrace the community and neighborhood in which we serve and to help children and families become more familiar with available community resources.
ACTIVITIES: PAL will collect and disseminate information about community organizations and governmental agencies available in the neighborhoods. Each Play Street will have a Community Connections bulletin board where information will be posted regarding the local police precinct, library, hospital, post office, Council person’s office, Borough Presidents office, ACS office, NYCHA, Health Department, etc. PAL will disseminate pertinent brochures and flyers that these agencies or any local CBO’s would like us to make available to families in the community. The bulletin board will also make space available for announcements of public events throughout the summer.
Through collaborations with governmental organizations such as the NYC Department of Transportation, the NYPD, FDNY and the National Guard, children and families will be invited to special events and presentations. Topics will address traffic and fire safety including how to safely cross the street, ride a bike in the neighborhood, and how to escape a burning building. In addition, NYPD from PAL’s Liaison Unit, Community Affairs Office and “beat cops” will visit the sites often to help break down negative barriers and work constructively with the children.

For a complete list of PLAYSTREETS Sites please click the following link:http://bit.ly/1JK08wKFor more information on Playstreets contact:

Alternative# 1800-PAL-4KIDS opt.2