The NYPD Neighborhood Policing Plan


A Realistic Framework for Connecting Police and Communities

By William J. Bratton
New York City Police Commissioner
If I count my years as a military police officer in Vietnam, I have spent nearly 50 years in the policing profession. I have been part of, or witness to, just about every twist and turn in policing philosophies and methodology—from early community policing experiments in the Boston Police Department in the 1970s, to the first large-scale application of “Broken Windows” policing in the New York City subway in the early 1990s, to the development of CompStat in the NYPD in 1994, to the integration of advanced technology into policing and counter-terrorist work in Los Angeles in the 2000s, to the current challenges in New York City. I view what we are trying to do in New York today as the culmination of my long career and an opportunity to put all that I have learned to work in a city I love and have long considered my home.
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