Keeping A Running Score of New York’s Homicide Rate Seems A Bit Ridiculous

As seen in the Daily News by Denis Hamill
Murder isn’t baseball.
So keeping box scores seems a bit ridiculous. Every day I read about an increase in murders and shootings as if we were following the Mets mid-season decline instead of the accomplishments of the greatest police force on Earth….
….C’mon, these gotcha numbers games are silly. If you drive murders to a record low of 2014’s 333 it takes just 32 additional homicides in a city of 8.5 million to say murder is up 10%. If 60-plus extra bodies fall — like they did in 2010 — it’s up 20%.
But real New Yorkers who live and work and raise kids here in the five boroughs know that this city is safer than ever.
And a lot fairer.
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