Eleven Defendants Charged In Manhattan Federal Court With Selling Crack Cocaine And Heroin In The Bronx

Quietly and without much fanfare, an early morning take-down of drug traffickers happened yesterday in the Bronx. The New York Police Department teamed up with the DEA to take down a crew distributing crack and heroin, after making numerous drug sales to undercover cops. Several of the defendants face up to life in prison due to the dedication of our partners in the United States Attorney’s Office.
Tonight, the Forest Houses community will sleep a little easier. And we hope this action brings us a little closer to delivering this community back to those who live there.
“The NYPD remains committed to protecting the residents of public housing as demonstrated by these arrests and indictments,” said Police Commissioner Bratton. “I would like to thank the investigators of Narcotic Borough Bronx, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District and our law enforcement partners for their efforts to stop the sale of illegal narcotics in the Forrest Houses and to improve the quality of life of the families who live there.”
Read more from the U.S. Attorney [here].