Celebrating Memorial Day


Join us in taking a moment today, as many of you already have throughout the weekend, to appreciate the significance of this holiday weekend.  It is with deep respect and honor that we pause to remember those who have died while serving in our military.

Police Commissioner Bratton’s Memorial Day Message To Members of the NYPD:

This Memorial Day many of you will be on patrol and on post, far removed from the backyard grills and rooftop barbecues that have come to represent the holiday. But it is your dedicated service that truly embodies the significance of this day.

An oath of service is a profound thing. Taking one lasts a moment, but once sworn it changes a life forever. You took this oath. I took it, as a soldier and as a cop. At closer glance, it seems an irrational pledge—to risk everything for people you may never meet, never know, never hear say, “thank you.” Despite the dangers, the men and women of the New York City Police Department live this commitment every day, on duty or off. We stood and swore an oath to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution. We understood what that vow might ultimately demand, and we still stand.

So this Memorial Day, whether on a post or at a party, take the time to remember those who swore that same oath, and gave all in defense of others. And as you gather among the monuments and memorials dedicated to those we will never meet and never know, say, “thank you.” And as ever, be safe.

William J. Bratton

Police Commissioner

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Here’s a selection of some of the Memorial Day Parades and events that have been tweeted by our Precincts throughout the city: