Bronx Cops Stop Man For Drinking In Public, Recover Gun After Chase


NYPD Police Officers James McBrown and Victor Voronkov were conducting midnight patrol on May 18th within the confines of the 48th Precinct when Police Officer McBrown spotted a man in front of 2183 Washington Avenue holding an open 24-ounce can of Crazy Stallion beer. The officers, who were in uniform, pulled over, exited their marked police vehicle and approached the man.

 The man was unable to provide identification and Police Officer McBrown informed him that they would have to take him back to the precinct to finish processing the opening container summons. Police Officer McBrown then reached for the suspect’s arm to place him in handcuffs and he pulled away. Police Officer McBrown reached for him a second time when the man,  later identified as 44-year-old Robert Dancy of the Bronx, turned his body and ran. At that moment, Police Officer McBrown observed the suspect drop a gun to the ground.
Police Officer McBrown grabbed the firearm and immediately began to run after Mr. Dancy. His partner, Police Officer Voronkov, followed in their car. Dancy ran north on Washington Avenue, then westbound on East 182 Street and then south on Park Avenue. In front of 4458 Park Avenue, Dancy fell to the ground and Police Officer McBrown quickly placed him under arrest.
The handgun was identified as a 9mm Makarov semi-automatic with one bullet in the chamber and seven loaded in the magazine. Dancy was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest. His prior arrests include burglary, criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal sale of marijuana and criminal possession of marijuana.