NYPD Cops Rescue Woman From Building Ledge

Police Officers Sprunger and Chen helped save a distraught woman on the ledge of an Upper East Side building Wednesday.  The two officers, both assigned to the 19 Precinct, responded to a 911 call and found the woman sitting on the ledge of an apartment building over 30 stories up.
Police Officer Sprunger began to speak to the woman while other officers, including Lieutenant Holguin and members of the Emergency Service Unit (ESU), arrived at the location. Police Officer Sprunger continued to speak with the woman about her situation and what brought her to this decision.  He explained options to her and even was able to gain her trust enough to share a bottle of water with her.
As Police Officer Sprunger spoke with the woman he was able to get her to swing her legs away from the ledge of the building.  At this time, officers from ESU were able to safely take the woman in from the ledge.  Due to the collaborative efforts and professionalism of the responding officers, the incident ended with the woman being taken to a local hospital, uninjured. IMG_0266