Good Work Doesn’t Always Have A Photo

Not all of the great work being done by the NYPD can be documented with photographs of the officers that take guns and other weapons off the streets of New York City.  Often, this is due to the nature of their work. 


The following is one such example and worth sharing:

While patrolling in Brooklyn earlier this week members of the NYPD Brooklyn North Gang Squad observed a 27-year-old male smoking a lit marijuana cigar in open view of the public.  The officers stopped the man, and he was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm.  The man was placed under arrest without incident. Further investigation revealed the following:

  • The gun was previously reported stolen in North Carolina
  • The man arrested is a known gang member
  • He has been arrested multiple times in the past including for: armed robbery, possession of dangerous weapons, and felony assault.


The same Brooklyn North Gang Squad did not stop there though.  The team continued patrolling Brooklyn and only a few hours later a nearly identical situation occurred.  Another young man was observed smoking marijuana in public.  The officers stopped the man and he too was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm and drugs. Just like the last individual, further investigation identified this person as a known gang member who has been arrested before for robbery and arson.